The Founder of MotherTyper


Pia Vermaak comes from a small town, where the limitations of work and old-fashioned views of the working mom still stand. 


Her bright mind and enthusiastic, driven outlook on life has always pushed her to do and pursue things that the average individual deemed impossible. 


A degree in beauty therapy, English Literature, and Homeschooling led her an Online Teaching journey for 5+ years. However; like many moms, after having her son, she decided it was time to change her career path.


After tons of research trial and error, she finally established herself as an expert and professional freelance writer, where she quickly fell into the "four zero" bracket! 

Her broad spectrum of niches is what made her the top pick for all individuals and businesses, and that's when she decided she could expand her knowledge and love for writing to other moms in need. 


Brains, business, knowledge, and being an expert in all things freelancer is what Pia is all about.

Want to know more about her personal life? Find her on Instagram @pia_vermaak! 


"Moms are more than dirty diapers, bottles, and crying babies. Our brains do not simply disappear as soon as our child is born. I would personally say the opposite happens. Our drive increases, and our reality, knowledge, and interest increase. We can do it all, and we do!" - Pia Vermaak